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Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that largely focuses on the creation, publishing and distribution of content for a targeted market segment. It is used for the purpose of attracting attention and generating leads, increasing brand awareness and visibility, expanding the customer base and market share, increasing sales volume, and for engaging the online community. The online content created by the business may help them attract a new customer segment for their business helping the business achieve higher topline in the form of more sales volume. The content can provide its potential customers with valuable information, it can persuade them in communicating the potential benefits of the product or service and it can also create brand loyalty among existing customers helping the business retain its existing customers and attract a new customer base. The information disseminated through content creation may be in the form of blogs, articles, photos, case studies, infographics, e-books, podcasts, how-to guides, and many other materials used for the purpose of increasing sales.

Why Content Marketing?

As already discussed, content marketing has the primary purpose of attracting a new customer base and increasing sales of a particular brand but how can content marketing help you achieve your desired goals? For that matter, content creation strategy has to consider some major metrics which directly or indirectly impact a company’s topline.

Creating Brand Awareness:

Firstly, content marketing has an edge over other marketing tools in the case of brand awareness and visibility online. This brand visibility can be measured by analyzing the time spent by the traffic on your website, how many clicks across pages are done by customers, similarly, how many photos were clicked by customers on a particular page, and the number of e-mails collected online. All these metrics indicate how well the brand is performing as far as online customers are concerned and what steps should be taken in order to create more engaging content to increase your brand’s reach and visibility.

Measuring Brand’s Health:

Another major metric is your brand’s health which can be measured by content marketing as well. It can be measured by a metric named Share of Voice (SOV) which measures how many times your brand is talked about among the masses and how many times your brand’s posts are re-tweeted or shared.

Attracting Diversified Target Markets:

Content marketing is also quite effective in understanding the demographics of your customers and if you want to reach a diversified customer base then web analytics can indicate if you have a diversified set of customers or not and what sort of content can attract a new customer. All in all, it’s your content whose analytics indicate if your brand is performing above or below the competitors’ brand.

More about Content Marketing and Business Direct:

We at Business Direct, Specialize in crafting a content strategy desired by our clients. Either it is about increasing brand awareness or visibility, improving the brand’s health, educating benefits of your product, or if there is a need to drastically improve the conversion rates of your traffic. Business Direct is up and ready for the task by leveraging the specialized skill set of its experienced content creators who have a proven track record of improving the brand’s visibility and health from scratch

Either it’s about improving your brand’s Share of Voice, the brand’s credibility or achieving a diversified set of consumers. Business Direct delivers its clients the very result a business expects. Not only that, apart from delivering the right results Business Direct Ltd provides advisory services to clients as to what strategy would be more profitable and cost-effective in a particular situation and which type of content best suits their company’s objectives.

Features of Content Marketing

Content should be Compelling:

Good content appeals to your customer base and compels them to take action to what the content is saying. It hasn’t got overly simplistic or exaggerated appeal to action. It persuades your customer or for that matter informs your customer about a product’s features.

Written for your audience:

It is always written for the customer base who is engaged in buying your product or who has an inherent interest in buying your product. Your content should have a targeted audience otherwise you cannot generate leads for your product or service.

Content should be engaging:

The content written is engaging, it has some emotional feeling attached to it so that the reader or customer acts the way the content wants it to. It can be laughter, knowledge, inspiration, or entertainment. It engages people in one way or another to produce the desired results.

Why to Choose Us?

Business Direct as your content partner focuses on crafting the best content strategy keeping in mind the overall performance objectives of your brand. Our proven track record in effective content creation speaks volumes of our expertise in this very niche. Therefore, cut through the noise and partner with us in uplifting your brand’s stature to new heights.

Pricing Plans

We are not only experts in SEO but we also create customized strategies and plan according to your business and budget to get promising results, Check the plans to choose one.

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No. Each report is specifically created for your company. We take a close look at your particular business and provide appropriate reports.

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Yes! Please free to contact our company and drop us a message with your marketing objectives and we’ll propose a suitable content marketing strategy that works for you.

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