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Google Smart Shopping Ads:

Google Smart Shopping is part of Google’s search engine and functions as a product comparison service. In Google Smart Shopping, eCommerce retailers advertise products directly on the search engine visually and offer key information of each product to help customers convert easier and more reliably.

For online retailers, Google Smart Shopping offers an automated advertising platform to promote its product to customers with high purchase intent directly when they are searching for products on Google.

Google Smart Shopping ads appear in Google search when a customer searches for a product. Google will show the most relevant products to the search query. When the ad is clicked, the product page of the advertisers will show.

Why Google Smart Shopping Ads?

Google Smart Shopping ads increase your product’s visibility on Google Search. The ads appear first in the searches in a carousel for up to twenty ad positions. Compared to Search Ads, utilizing Google Smart Shopping ads increases the chance of your ads being seen.

Clickthrough rates are high for Google Smart Shopping ads because the ads serve customers that are at the end of the funnel and are most likely ready to purchase your product.

Highly targeted keywords that include colour, brand, or product type are search terms that customers are already familiar with, and they might have already done their product research.

More About Google Smart Shopping Ads and Business Direct:

Business Direct  Google Smart Shopping management services will allow you to optimize product type, category, description, price, brand, condition, and availability for every listing. Google Smart Shopping campaigns use an approved feed, budget, and dedicated geographic target to obtain impressions and clicks from potential customers. They can also initiate dynamic remarketing ads.

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