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E-commerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services by both individuals and businesses over the internet. In today’s day and age, with considerable progress in digital technologies, E-commerce has become a more viable and quick option for the exchange of funds. Whether it is a B2C or a B2B business, every entity wants to smooth out its transaction process to fasten up day-to-day operational processes which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Therefore, with its fast and easy-to-use features, E-commerce has emerged as a disruptive force in today’s digital era. Apart from its disruptive features in financial services, E-commerce has brought new opportunities for businesses to grab and leverage the potential of this technological era.

Why E-commerce?

As discussed earlier, the very potential of E-commerce and what is it all about Now, the point is why is E-commerce essential for businesses today? As we can witness the masses today are shifting their choice of visiting a traditional brick and mortar store to a digital one. They want the ease of shopping from the comfort of their home. This has brought a number of opportunities for businesses to go online as the benefit to cost is much more than operating with a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Businesses can broaden their brand by establishing an E-commerce store without worrying about the location, interior design, and cost of establishing a store rather they can operate online with all the innate features that are embodied in a luxury brand. Businesses can offer a wide range of products 24/7, with a single online store. 

Furthermore, it’s more convenient to offer your product online without worrying about hiring new staff, dealing with costs associated with a traditional store, and the cost of unsold inventory. An online E-commerce store, gives you an opportunity to expand anywhere you want, due to the wide accessibility of the internet to millions of individuals. Lastly, with an E-commerce operation, it is far easier to scale up your business as you can increase online payment options to customers, increase product range without worrying about replenishing inventory in different stores, distribution of your product, and enter different markets with a single integrated online store.

More About E-commerce and Business Direct:

Here at Business Direct, we offer a wider range of E-commerce solutions to our clients by studying the purchasing behaviour and buying patterns of our customers. Our e-commerce experts have significant experience within this industry and they understand the nitty-gritty of this industry. Our experts, with their deep insights, can understand and implement best practices for your store due to their years of experience. One best practice that experts deploy is getting rid of clutters initially. If you bombard your website visitor with a lot of unnecessary information, he may get confused and may end up leaving your website. Another important feature of a website is its trustworthiness, if your customer does not consider you as a trustworthy entity, you won’t be able to realize your sales. To make your website credible, our experts add trust badges to your website, add a review system on your website and they help you get a valid SSL certificate on your website. Furthermore, experts at Business Direct streamline your UI/UX so that your buyers have a smooth shopping experience from your store. Lastly, our graphics team adds appealing images on your website to grab customers’ attention which also helps in influencing impulse purchases on the part of customers.

Types of E-commerce:

Depending on the company’s preferences and objectives, it can opt for any of the E-commerce solutions that is deemed viable as far as its business operation is concerned. Here are some of the E-commerce business models that are practiced in the industry.

Business to Consumer (B2C):

Business-to-consumer e-commerce focuses directly on the end consumer who will make purchases. There is no intermediate party involved in this transaction. Hence, it is termed B2C because the product or service is ultimately delivered to the end user.

Business to Business (B2B):

As discussed in Business to consumer, the end user is a consumer who consumes your goods or services. In B2B, that consumer is a business itself. There is a business at the other end that uses your goods or services for their own business operations.

Business to Government (B2G):

Similar to B2B business, In B2G business the end consumer is government. The model itself is a replica of B2B except for the fact that it is dealing with the government in this model. Proposal of an infrastructure project, bidding for a project, or any other service that has an offering for the government would come under Business to government.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C):

When digital marketplaces connect different consumers where all other consumers transact with each other this form of business model is termed a consumer-to-consumer model.

Consumer to Business (C2B):

Modern freelance markets are a better depiction of such a model where consumers sell their skills to businesses. Hence, it becomes a market offering from consumer to business. Therefore, it is termed consumer to business (C2B).

Consumer to Government (C2G):

A more uncommon transaction model is C2G where consumers provide their services to the government. For example, a person filing their tax returns to the government through their website.

Pricing Plans

We are not only experts in SEO but we also create customized strategies and plan according to your business and budget to get promising results, Check the plans to choose one.

Why choose us?

Business Direct, With its prior experience in the field of E-commerce, can facilitate its consumers in implementing the best UI/UX practices aligned with consumer expectations, Experts at Business Direct can unleash your branding potential by designing relevant backgrounds and product pictures embedded with appealing designs on your website. Our experts can make navigation at your website more convenient to enhance your customers’ shopping experience. Moreover, we can add quality product descriptions to your website to make purchasing easier for your customers.

Action Plan

Business Direct can handle everything in-house, from developing and designing to marketing your online store. We deliver on time and budget. We commit ourselves to delivering what we promise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, what can we help you with today?

What if a store already exists?

It’s not an issue for our company. We can consider and initiate an evaluation of your existing store, then make a list of the features you wish to add to it, and then our team provides an estimate using that information.

What we need to start?

Our team will need your Shopify store’s URL, login information, store niche, preferred colors, and other information and we are good to go.

Are design logos available?

Absolutely, our company will surely create a suitable company logo for you.

Is a single product store Profitable?

E-stores with just one product can be just as profitable as those with vast product catalogs. You need the correct product to sell if you want to succeed with a single-product online store.

What if I don't like final work? Will there be refund?

It’s not a problem at all, as our company treats their clients professionally and cooperatively. Although we don’t think it will ever happen, if you don’t like our work, we will remake everything to suit your preferences. If you’re still not happy with our work, we’ll provide you with a refund. So chill out!

How to make sure that the store will stand its competition?

Our company puts a lot of effort into conforming the store’s layout to the goods you sell. Our team also keeps up with the most contemporary and current trends to ensure that the store we create will be a leading contender in the marketplace right now. In short, we create shops that focus on and prioritize sales and that’s what our client wants.

Is website backup available?

Yes, in that case, our management team makes sure to provide our clients with the best services with cooperation. We can certainly provide website backup for the future and have got your back for future drawbacks.

Is Premium theme available?

Yes definitely, our company procures several premium themes available for you to select from, we won’t charge you separately for them. We got you all summed up for our amazing privileges for the customers.

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