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Email marketing entails the act of sending messages to your potential customers or existing customers via E-mail for commercial purposes. It can inform your customers about your new product, its features, discounts on new products, or related offerings that your leads may consider as an option to go after. Email marketing may have the purpose of creating brand loyalty among existing customers, developing trust among buyers, or creating brand awareness and visibility. It can also have the purpose of educating your customers or potential leads about the benefits of your product or service or why they need that particular product or service.

Why Email Marketing?

About 3.6 billion people use e-mail for the purpose of communication every day. This huge number makes email the most attractive option for marketers to go after. As it is apparent that with such a huge number, there is a greater likelihood of achieving a desirable Return on Investment (ROI) from email marketing efforts.

Personalized Email:

The most important aspect of email marketing has to do with its personalization effect. Your customers love to receive personalized messages from your business. With the best email marketing practices at hand, you can stay in touch with your existing portfolio of customers.

Updating Your Customers:

Your customers also appreciate it when you keep them updated about your new product, promotions on new products, and the discounts you offer. Not only that, through email marketing you can extend your customer outreach which is not possible on social media because newsfeeds on social media can be missed out but personalized emails are frequently read by customers.

Cost-friendly Marketing:

Lastly, email marketing is relatively cost-effective as compared to other tools of marketing as it can be automated easily for the purpose of targeting a specific customer segment.

More About Email Marketing and Business Direct:

The digital marketing team at Business Direct specializes in managing end-to-end email operations of your business. Our team focuses on working as an email marketing consultant with your business to efficiently allocate your marketing budget as per your business needs. Our experts develop a digital strategy to improve and expand your email marketing channels by segmenting, personalizing, and automating your email marketing operations. Our team understands the latest email marketing trends that are complimented by reporting and analytics at the backend. All our decisions are data-driven when it comes to our email marketing efforts. We collaborate with our customers on specific projects, understand the project’s implications and come up with a relevant strategy to cope up with the challenge the project brings in. Lastly, our team has a competitive edge over our competitors in skills like campaign management and segmentation of a market based on specific demographics.

Types of Email Marketing:

Transactional Email:

It is a type of email which is sent to a person following a commercial transaction or when that person had performed any specific action. They are actually initiated due to the recipient’s action in the first place.

Informational Email:

An informational email is sent to the recipient to inform about the company’s new product offerings, its new promotions, or to inform about the brand itself.

Digital News Letter:

A digital newsletter is a printed or electronic report that has new developments about the activities of a business that is sent to existing or potential customers. It is a form of D2C marketing approach.

Product Update Email:

Product update email informs your targeted audience about a feature update in a new product or any discounts related to the new product. It grabs your audience’s attention regarding your new product offerings.

Why to Choose us?

Our Email marketing team stays abreast of the new trends in email marketing practices ranging from automating, segmenting, and personalizing commercial emails with the usage of data analytics at the backend to identify potential and existing target markets for a business. We focus largely on targeting a specific market that is the most profitable in terms of ROI for a business. In this way, we are able to save the marketing budget for our clients and also help our clients by efficiently allocating their marketing budgets across the web.

Pricing Plan:

We are not only experts in SEO but we also create customized strategies and plan according to your business and budget to get promising results, Check the plans to choose one.

Action Plan

Business Direct is the best email marketing service provider, which provides cheap email Marketing Services. Moreover, Business Direct Ltd is an email marketing agency helps you promote your business through email marketing. We have all the expertise and resources available to provide cheap email Marketing Services.

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